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Please note that for all subsequent operations you need a user account and will have to log in first as above instruction Option 2: You can send your abstract by e-mail to the conference organizer. After we received your abstract, we will send to you email confirmation. Email: HYPERLINK "mailto:asialics8th@dmc.com.vn" \t "_blank" asialics8th@dmc.com.vn Only novel research is eligible for presentation. Furthermore, only previously unpublished work will be eligible for possible inclusion either in an edited book or a journal special issue. Please write the text in good English (American or British usage is accepted, but not a mixture of these). On the first page of the paper, you must indicate which of the conference sub-themes the paper falls into (see home page for a list of sub-themes). Additionally, the paper title, authors name, affiliation, full postal address, as well as email address should appear on the first page. A concise and factual abstract, able to stand alone from the paper, is required (maximum length 150 words). The abstract should state briefly the purpose of the research, the principal results and major conclusions. References in the abstract should be avoided, but if essential, they must be cited in full, without reference to the reference list. All text in the manuscript should be in double-spaced typing. Ample margins should be left on both sides of the page. Each page of the typescript should be numbered. Footnotes should be numbered consecutively and placed together in single-spacing at the bottom of the relevant page. Accepted papers will be included in a conference CD. Contact Please address all correspondence relating to the conference to asialics@nistpass.gov.vn Conference Secretariat, Asialics 2011 Ms.Mai Lan Thanh Division of International Cooperation, NISTPASS 38 Ngo Quyen, Hanoi, Vietnam Fax:84.4.38252873 Tel:84.4.38256511 Email:  HYPERLINK "mailto:thanhml@nistpass.gov.vn" thanhml@nistpass.gov.vn and mailanthanh@yahoo.com     PAGE  PAGE 7 lllymmmmmmmmrrrsss t ttt&t't,tAtBtCtDtFtGtItJtLtMtOtPtVtWtϷ沪|tptptptpf`f h0Jjh0JUh(Sjh(SU ho*dhth.lht0Jj& htU hmAdhtjhtUhthmAdht5 hh5h&J,hh>*B*phh&J,hhB* phI}jh&J,hhB* UphI} h&J,hh huhhh>Ohh5huhhmH*sH*%HtItKtLtNtOtXtYtZtetftgthtitgdth]hgdypfh]hgdaKm &`#$gdeO@ WtXtZt[tatbtctdtetgthtit ho*dhth(Shh0JmHnHujh0JUh h0J ,1h/ =!"#$% k$$If!vh5r5#vr#v:V 6,553%4 c$$If!vh5r5#vr#v:V 6,53%4 c$$If!vh5r5#vr#v:V 6,53%4 c$$If!vh5r5#vr#v:V 6,53%4 c$$If!vh5r5#vr#v:V 6,53%4 k$$If!vh559#v#v9:V 6,553%4 k$$If!vh559#v#v9:V 6,553%4 k$$If!vh559#v#v9:V 6,553%4 k$$If!vh559#v#v9:V 6,553%4 k$$If!vh5r5#vr#v:V 6,553%4 c$$If!vh5r5#vr#v:V 6,53%4 c$$If!vh5r5#vr#v:V 6,53%4 c$$If!vh5r5#vr#v:V 6,53%4 DdZZR  S .Adarrowbnv67.3v9ynnv67.3v9PNG  IHDR{0PLTEQnuXty!GpUrCm$JVbKGDH cmPPJCmp0712Om!IDATcPbdZaJ ]v36 YvJIENDB`5DyK 0http://www.iist.unu.edu/ictac05/Hanoi_About.htmyK `http://www.iist.unu.edu/ictac05/Hanoi_About.htmg$$If!vh55#v#v:V 6,534g$$If!vh55#v#v:V 6,534g$$If!vh55#v#v:V 6,534g$$If!vh55#v#v:V 6,534g$$If!vh55#v#v:V 6,534DyK yK;H,]ą'cDyK thanhml@nistpass.gov.vnyK >mailto:thanhml@nistpass.gov.vnD@D NormalCJ_HaJmH nHsH tHR@R f Heading 2$dpxx@&5PJaJtH DA@D Default Paragraph FontRi@R  Table Normal4 l4a (k(No List <O< : jim_titledd[$\$,O, : jim_title1B^@B : Normal (Web)dd[$\$*W@!* ,iStrong5\4@24 u^nHeader  !4 @B4 u^nFooter  !,OQ, O= yshortcuts4U@a4 ,al Hyperlink >*phHB@rH f Body Text$xxa$ PJaJtH 4O4 f Char CharCJPJ:O: f Char Char1 5CJPJHH wL Balloon TextCJOJQJ^JaJ.)@. aKm Page Number^Z`^ h Plain Text-B* CJOJPJQJ^JaJmH*phI}sH*tH R;|(Jbq 78:z{}@AC=>@z{}D./1j !"#@ k l  ! 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